The World’s Top Ten Most Expensive Birds

The World’s Top Ten Most Expensive Birds American Goldfinch WorldBirder

⇒ 10 The American Goldfinch:

The American Goldfinch aka the Eastern Goldfish is native to North America. As a smaller migratory fowl, the American Goldfinch, migrates during their breeding time to Northern California. Once they have successfully reproduced they take their offspring back home to raise them in the green area. The American Goldfinch prefers to eat seeds from tree fruit it captures with its conical beak. This beautiful fowl is priced at $765 due to its gorgeous color combination of yellow and black.

The World’s Top Ten Most Expensive Birds North Cardinal WorldBirder

⇒ 9 The North Cardinal:

The North Cardinal is usually found within North and South America. This attractive bird is a favorable shade of red while its beak is colored a beautiful cardinal goal. The North Cardinal is also known as the cardinal bunting. The fowl measures twelve centimeters in length and weighs only eighty five grams. It can be difficult to identify The North Cardinal because it closely resembles a fellow catholic fowl that is found in America. They favor sunflower seed for food and love to bask in the daylight. The North Cardinal fowl costs $800.

The World’s Top Ten Most Expensive Birds Mountain Bluebird WorldBirder

⇒ 8 The Mountain Bluebird:

Most people recognise the Mountain Bluebird for its beautiful black and blue eyes. It weighs thirty grams and is a medium height. This thin fowl has very bright wings although, its female counterpart is made up of a very muted blue color. The Mountain Bluebird prefers small insects as their main source of food. However, they also love to consume peanuts and berries as well. A Mountain Bluebird will run you around $850. The Mountain Bluebird is a very attractive fowl.

The World’s Top Ten Most Expensive Birds Northern Oriole WorldBirder

⇒ 7 The Northern Oriole:

The Northern Oriole’s name gives you an inkling of where it is originally located which is the Northern areas of the globe. Another name for the Northern Oriole is the Baltimore Oriole. This small bird migrates from one northern area to another. This fowl prefers to migrate towards maine during their breeding season and then returns to further northern areas after reproducing. What people love most about the Northern Oriole is their very impressive singing ability. The Northern Oriole is priced at $850.

The World’s Top Ten Most Expensive Birds Scarlet Tanager WorldBirder

⇒ 6 The Scarlet Tanager:

The Scarlet Tanager is a medium size American bird. It is of the cardinal breed and its physical feature resembles the cardinal bird as well. The Scarlet Tanager body is colored a shade of bright red while its winds are a shade of very dark black. This lavish bird runs a little higher in price than other exotic birds placing it a $900 per Scarlet Tanager.

The World’s Top Ten Most Expensive Birds Flamingo WorldBirder

⇒ 5 The Flamingo:

This wading bird is commonly found throughout America as well as the Caribbean. The Flamingo is usually a pretty shade of pink. Other areas of the world know the Flamingo as the Flamenco. This bird can fly about thirty five miles an hour. The very beautiful Flamingo costs around $1,000.

The World’s Top Ten Most Expensive Birds Hyacinth Macaw WorldBirder

⇒ 4 The Hyacinth Macaw:

The Hyacinth Macaw is noticed most for its large wingspan making it the world’s largest flying parrot. It is native to East and South America. The Hyacinth Macaw is equipped with a large beak that is so powerful it can easily break open coconuts. This fowl has risen in value over the last sixty years. The animated Disney movie ‘Rio’ featuring Hyacinth Macaws made the fowl very famous. A Hyacinth Macaw is estimated to cost around $1,200.

The World’s Top Ten Most Expensive Birds Toucan WorldBirder

⇒ 3 The Toucan:

There are over forty different species of Toucan found throughout the world. However, they are commonly found in South America, Southern Mexico, and the Caribbean. This bird is very famous because of its size and magnificent colors. The Toucan’s feather coat is gorgeous featuring yellow, black, and white patches. Toucans can cost up to $5,000 dollars which is quite expensive but definitely worth it.

The World’s Top Ten Most Expensive Birds Black Palm Cockatoo WorldBirder

⇒ 2 The Black Palm Cockatoo:

The Black Palm Cockatoo is derived from many different species of bird. It is around sixty centimeters in height making it quite a tall fowl. Its feathers are colored a wonderful smokey gray and feature red spots throughout. The Black Palm Cockatoo is indigenous to New Guinea and the rainforests of Australia. This fowl is very difficult to breed due to its complicated composition. Not to mention its diet is also very hard to find. The Black Palm Cockatoo is priced at $16,000 due to its rarity.

The World’s Top Ten Most Expensive Birds Racing Pigeon WorldBirder

⇒ 1 The Racing Pigeon:

In 2013, Belgian held an auction at which they displayed a Racing Pigeon which was sold for six million dollars. This can be attributed to the fact that the Racing Pigeon is the fastest bird in the entire world. Additionally, it holds the Olympian Usain Bolt record. In today's market, you can purchase a Racing Pigeon at the high price of ninety thousand dollars. However, the Racing Pigeon is the perfect breeder bird!