Get Outside and Go Birdwatching

The activity of birdwatching is a great way to get outdoors. It can be adventurous as well as relaxing because it can be done from the comfort of your front yard or while traveling across the himalayas. Birds are highly inquisitive creatures complete with beautiful coats of wildly colored feathers. Plus, many species have the ability to sing. Just imagine hearing the harmonious chirping of magpie robins, bulbul, and swifts as you wake up in the morning. Or one can marvel at the significant role that fauna’s play in balancing the world’s ecosystem.

All one needs to take up the activity of birdwatching, also known as birding, is a pair of binoculars which will aid you in the observational aspect of the hobby. Additionally, it is helpful if one wears the colors of brown, green or grey while birdwatching in order to blend amongst the birds natural habitat. It is very important to be camouflaged when birdwatching! If a beautiful reddish crowned Rhinoceros hornbill caught sight of you while birding it would instantly fly away.

You never know where birding will take you. The adventures one can experience are endless. You also never know what you may see! On numerous occasions birders have recorded seeing more than just beautiful birds. Depending on your location you could encounter monkeys, bears, or deer as well as many many more fascinating creators. It is not unusual to come into contact with other wildlife. Not to mention sighting wondrous fowls such as the Eagle catching its afternoon snake prey. Keep a close eye out for white throated Kingfishers, as one may be lingering within your home garden because they are highly attracted to frogs and rats. If you are located along the coastlines you just might catch large Brahminy Kites diving down into the ocean to catch fish or possibly even small monkeys to eat. One can find much drama when birdwatching. Malaysia is home to over two hundred species of mammals and over six hundred species of bird. Needless to say, a great way to join the world of birdwatching is to join the MNS otherwise known as Malaysian Nature Society. It is critical that the Malaysian ecosyst7em be safeguarded in order to sustain the current flora and fauna which is essential for existence. The MNS has partnered with companies such as Bird Life International in order to protect the bird species. Additionally, the Bird Conservation Council frequently organizes benefits and events like the Port Dickson’s Raptor Watch to bring public awareness and appreciation for our feathery friends soaring above us in the sky.

Get Outside and Go Birdwatching WorldBirder Thousands of people gather together in March of every year to view over forty thousand raptors during their annual migration from Sumatra to Tanjung Tuan and Port Dickson before they continue their migration northward bound. Many volunteers from the MNS organization will count the number of raptors that fly overhead in order to conduct further observational studies. MNS members also count raptors in October at Betong, Kedah and Taiping, Perak. Not only do the MNS members observe raptors, but they also observe many hornbills that reside near Belum State Park in Lake Temenggor. A little known fact about the Belum and Temengor forest's is that they are home to many wild elephants that are relatively easy to view.

Birders are very dedicated to their craft. They will stand in piles of red ants to get the perfect shot of their sighted species as well as carry around special green and brown umbrellas to make sure to blend in. Some even go to the extent of driving green cars! It is all worth it when you get to view that colorful and breathtaking Plaintive Cuckoo perched upon a few large lilies in a pond. Birders will even travel great lengths to view elusive birds such as the Bamboo Woodpecker at Kuala Koh the Kelantan entrance of Taman Negara. Many birders will make it a point to stay overnight in the Kuala Koh huts.

It is important to visit different altitudes while birding! You will discover different species of birds in the mountains than you will find in the lowlands. Maxwell Hill in Taiping is a great place to view mountainous birds as well as basin birds. Plus, it is much easier to view more colourful birds in cooler air. One can spend an entire day exploring the cool atmosphere and taking photos of the bright Red Trogons and the Dusky Broadbills. The Nest, a quiet hilltop bungalow, is a great place to stay at Maxwell Hill.

If you prefer to relax and bird then Fraser's Hill is the place for you. There are numerous apartments and hotels at Fraser Hill where one can enjoy birding from the comfort of their garden. Or you can trek one of the many trails available within the forest. You could possibly catch a large Brown Wood Owl preying on beetles in the evening misty air.